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Regional Peepshow – put your art and writing up here and out there

The Peepshow project provides a forum for contributors to share art and words to create new work for ARTLANDS DUBBO 2016

This collaborative project will see writers creating new work in response to visual artists’ images – the technical term for this process is ekphrasis.

ARTLANDS DUBBO 2016 is the Regional Arts Australia biennial conference/festival that will be held in Dubbo from 27th – 30th October 2016. If you can’t make it this project will allow you to participate, and to have your work seen by up to a thousand delegates from all over Australia and a National online audience.

There are many visual artists through-out NSW who will not have their work represented at ARTLANDS DUBBO 2016 and many writers as well. Obviously both art forms are hard to showcase during a four-day event. allows artists to upload images of their work to the website, to which writers can add their work inspired by the images (ekphrasis). The images can be of work that is 2D, 3D, photographic or digital.

The gallery and writing can be accessed through the web (and on phones). There will be a dedicated viewing station at the conference.

Copyright of the images and writing will remain with the creator. If ARTLANDS DUBBO 2016 want to use any material for publicity purposes, we will negotiate separately with the artist.

NOTE: This website is moderated to stop unsuitable material.

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logos-011-202x50 supported by Eastern Riverina Arts and ARTLANDS DUBBO 2016. ARTLANDS is presented by Regional Arts Australia and Regional Arts NSW

For Writers and Poets

Writers are asked to find a visual artwork that inspires them and respond to the image in the form of poetry or a short story. Simply add your written response in the form at the bottom of the image.

For Visual Artists


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Visual artists are invited to share an image of their work, be it 2D, 3D, photographic or digital, to become a writer’s prompt.
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